EXTRACTS FROM THE TITHE AWARD SCHEDULE                             

Map number M01

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This map is from 1842 and the table below shows who owned which land and property. Crow Lane is Number 9 on the Map just above Crow Trees Farm ( Now St Paul's Church)


Occupiers                         No                Description                            Comment

 Owners: Samuel Ashton & Brothers                                                                                                         


Richard Schofield                    1                Great and Lower Eaves (Meadow)                    Extended to Stubbins boundary                                                                                      

9 named occupiers                 5                Cottages & Yards                                               ‘Dungeon Row’

Road                                        8                Road                                                       Water Street - old name of top end of Bridge Street                                                                                                                   

12 named occupiers                16                Cottages garden & Road                                Return Street


Samuel Ashton & Brothers       26a                Goit Embankment &  Reservoir                                   This lodge extended some 200 yards alongside Stubbins Lane

                                                    27                Spinning & Weaving Manufactory                       Ramsbottom Mill


Owners: Samuel Ashton & Thomas Elton

Richard Schofield                   2                Rookery Field (Arable)                               Site of St Paul’s Church

                                                3                Carr Bank (Pasture)                                 Site of St Paul’s school                          Road                                        9                Road                                                            Now Crow Lane

Richard Schofield                  10                Farmhouse & Garden                              Crow-trees farm                              

                                                11                Barn Stable                                              Site of modern chapel of rest                         

Thomas Lord             }             12                Cottages & Yard                                     Still exist as 27, Crow Lane   

Robert Hopkinson }

Richard Schofield                    13                Garden

13 named occupiers                15                Cottages & Backyards                           Return Street

Unoccupied                             17                Road & Waste                                        Factory Street

22 named occupiers                18                Cottages Building                                    Back to back terrace known as

  & 1 unoccupied                                           Land & Road                                          ‘Irish Row’

16 named occupiers                19                Cottages                                                Back to backs - ‘Wesleyan Row’

Owners: Samuel Ashton & Brothers & Samuel Ashton & Thomas Elton  

Richard Schofield                     4                Great Meadow (Pasture)

Owners: Samuel Ashton & Brothers & William Grant & Brothers                                                                `                                                                 6                Private Lock up or Prison                 Origin of name ‘Dungeon Row’,                                                                                                                                                     which was just to its south

Owners: Samuel Whittaker & others Trustees of the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel and School                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     31                Chapel & School                             Christ Church Methodist Chapel

Owners: William Grant & Brothers                                                                                                               


James Barker                          45                Chapel field (Pasture)

3 occupiers                             49                Cottages & yard                                 Peel Street

8 occupiers                             50                Cottages & Road                               Peel Street

3 occupiers                             51                Cottages garden & Road       

George Goodrick                     52                Grant Arms Inn Outbuildings

                                                                  Yards Roads Piggaries [sic]

                                                                  & garden

                                                53                Bowling Green

Unoccupied                             54                Building land & waste                           Now Market Place


Occupiers                         No                Description

21 named occupiers                55                Cottages and back yards                     ‘Higher New Row’ in 1834 Rate

  & 1 empty                                              School & Road                                      Book - on Carr Street

4 occupiers                             57                Cottages & Waste


Richard Aspinwall                58                Spinning Mill                                               Carr Mill

                                                59                Garden                                                    Now part of Springwood Street

                                                60                Reservoir                                                Devil Hole Lodge

[61-81 comprised Carr Fold - cottages, gardens and a vineyard, all owned by the Grants]


William Grant &                        294                Horkin Bottom (Meadow)                      Site of the modern slalom by                              Brothers                                                                                                                   Peel Bridge    

Unoccupied                             300                Building Land & Street                                The former Old Ground, through                                          which Square Street was built                      

 10 named occupiers                310                Cottages                                        Converted to shops in the 1840s and 1850s

 & 1 empty                                                                                                       

17 named occupiers                323                Cottages and back yards                 Now the site of the library and health centre

& 1 empty                                                                                                                 

John Gray                               335                Little Meadow (Pasture &                 Back Bolton Street area


                                                336                Calender Field (Pasture)                Now Callender/Rothwell Streets

James Brown                          337                Cottages                                  Dry House converted to cottages,

Duncan McCray [sic]                                                                                      known as ‘Scotch Row’ because

John Gray [sic]                                                                                               all 4 occupants were Scots. Now

Rev Andrew McLane [sic]                                                                              known as Scotland Place

Owner: John Grundy


John Kay                                  97                Raper’s Meadow (Meadow)                Now Grants Mews, opposite the                                                                                                                                              Rose & Crown

John Grundy                           46                Folds (Meadow)              

                                                46a                A wooling Mill [sic]                      Springwood Mill

                                                                  Reservoir & Works in the

                                                                  course of erection

Owner: Lawrence Rawstron


John Wolstenholme                182                House garden & farmyard                Tanners

                                                183                Rapes Meadow (Meadow)                Rostron Road now runs through it

                                                184                Tanner Croft (Pasture)

[312-322 were cottages on Bolton Street, mostly owner-occupied, and converted to shops in the 1840s and 1850s]


The properties of each landowner were grouped together in the schedule, irrespective of their location. The property numbering, however, starts at 1 in the centre of Ramsbottom, and proceeds geographically to finish in Tottington village, and is therefore not in order in the schedule. District names like CRIB O’TH’CREW do not appear to have been entered consistently, so that if none appears for some pages, a false impression can be given that all those entries belong in that place. The only copies of the tithe map are at Bury Archives, the Lancashire Record Office (DRM 1/98) and the Public Record Office at Kew, but schedules survive only with the latter two.