Tattersall Family

21 Crow Lane   1871-1893

Roger and Mary Tattersall of 21 Crow Lane and their family


My Tattersall Family Tree starts with my great-great grandfather, Roger Tattersall.

Roger was born in Blackburn ca 1809. He married Mary Tattersall (birthplace unknown), in Blackburn at St Mary the Virgin on 3rd November 1834.

Roger & Mary appeared in the 1841 Ramsbottom census, showing his occupation as Tailor and having one child, Jane 2 yrs old.

The family subsequently lived at 46 Bridge St in 1861 and at 55 Square St in 1871. Roger's occupation changed over the years to Green Grocer and after that a Coal dealer. 

They had seven more children (known) namely, Ellen, Elizabeth, Richard, Roger (my Great Grandfather), Amanda, John and Henry.

Mary died 4th April 1875 at 21 Crow Lane Ramsbottom with her son-in-law John Tasker in attendance. John Tasker had married Jane Tattersall.

Roger died 12 October 1879 at 21 Crow Lane.


1881 census shows children Ellen, Elizabeth, Amanda, John and Henry still residing at 21 Crow Lane.

1891 census show Ellen and Elizabeth living with Sarah Tattersall who was their aunt. It is not known if Sarah was a sister of Roger or Mary. She was single, born circa 1819. She died 3 August 1893 at 21 Crow Lane.

1901 census, it shows Ellen and Elizabeth living with their sister Amanda, who had married Charles Hinchcliffe. Roger married Alice Tasker. John married Sarah Jane Flint. John also was a change-ringer at St. Paulís in 1889. There is no more known about Richard and Henry.


The family seems to have lived at 21 Crow Lane for least 20 years.


 Information from Hazel Elisabeth Thornton from Poulsbo, WA, USA