The Wolstenholme Families who lived in nos. 27,  (29) 31 and 33 Crow Lane from 1861 Onwards

 (Updated 14/10/03)




*  Dates of birth have been calculated from census details


                                                                  Thomas Lord (of 27, 29/31 Crow Lane)


                                           Robert    m       Roseanah Lord                        William Lord


                                          b.*1823         b.*1827          

     __________________________ I______________________________

    I                              I                         I                            I                                 I          

James                   Jonathan                    Robinson                  Frederic (k)      Mary  R  

b *1853                b *1856                b *1857                       b *1860                b * 1862

                                  I                                      I

                        married to                 married to

     Mary                      Alice

b * 1857                   b * 1859

    ____________I_____                I____________________

    I                 I                I                      I                    I                   I

Robert     Mary R      Florrie                Rose E        Mary A       Wilfred (Alfred)

b*1878      b*1888     b *1897              b *1882        b *1884      b *1896



NUMBER 27 CROW LANE – family home


Robert Wolstenholme  born *1823 in  Stubbins / Tottington,  Cotton Loom overlooker

            No 27 Crow Lane from 1861 – 1891.

Married Roseannah 3rd sept 1849

Died between 1891 & 1901


Roseannah / Rosann  born  *1827 in Ramsbottom. Died between 1881 - 1891

            She was the daughter of Thomas Lord who lived in Crow Lane in 1851

            He lived at either no. 27 or 29/31

            William Lord, her brother lived with them at no 27 Crow lane in 1861

              (there were 3 adults and 4 children living in a “one-up one-down”)




1) JAMES      b *1853  in  Ramsbottom /Tottington   Cotton weaver,

Had left no. 27 by 1881   



2) JONATHAN    Address - 27 Crow lane and after marriage  33 Crow lane 

b.*1856 in Ramsbottom / Tottington, Cotton weaver,

left no. 27 by 1881

Married Mary (b* 1857) who was a cotton weaver


 In 1881 Jonathan and Mary  with their 2 children Robert H (3),  Frederick (1)

            Lived at 34 Factory Bottom (near the bottom of Crow Lane)

Living with them in 1881 was a boarder Margaret J MacKinnon (29)

      also a cotton weaver who was born in America


            1891 no.33   Crow Lane  Mary (b.*1857) (cotton weaver),  

3 children.   Robert  H.  b. 1877 (cotton weaver then lamplighter) ,

       Mary R   b. 1887 (Cotton weaver), 

       Florrie     b.1896 


Was still in no. 33 Crow Lane in 1901



3) ROBINSON   Address -  27 Crow Lane  and after marriage  29/31 Crow Lane

 20th Oct 1857  in Ramsbottom / Tottington, Cotton weaver,

  He was not at no.27 for the census in 1881


1891 Living at no. 29/31 Crow lane.

            Married Alice 26th Feb 1881 in Holcombe Parish Church

Alice was born 24th Feb 1859 at Ardwick, manchester)

She was a cotton winder,

3 children,  Rose Ellen b. 1882 (cotton weaver)

Lived in no. 27 until the early 1940s

Dies 1955 (having moved to Garden St.

      Mary A., b.1884 (Cotton weaver)

      Wifred  (Alfred) b * 1897

(correct name Wilfred ,entered as Alfred in the 1901 census)


            Robinson died  between 1897 & 1901

            Alice his widow was still in no. 31 Crow lane in 1901.

                        She died 12th July 1936



4) FREDERIC (K)   b.*1860  in Rams / Tott, Cotton weaver,

Was no longer in no. 27 in 1891

            His name was spelt without a k at the end of Frederic in the 1861 census

            The ‘k’ was put on afterwards in the 1871 census


5) MARY  R.   b. *1862 in Tottington., cotton winder. 

Was still single and living in no. 27 in 1901

Geraldine Simister got in touch with the Crow Lane Team after seeing an item in the local press. Her mother remembered 27 Crow Lane and both she and her mother visited the house in March 2003

Wilfred  (son of Robinson and Alice)

Born 9/12/1896

Married Annie Ireland (b. 9/10/1896 – died 2/2/1949)



                 l                                  l

Walter                       Gladys

1921 – 84                  b. 1923

                                        married Tom Kaine (1922 – 1976)


                                        l                              l

                                    Brenda                Geraldine

                                    b. 1950                b. 1960

                                                              m Alan Simister


  son Ian born 1982





  It is possible that Elizabeth was a cousin on Robert Wolstenholme who lived at 27  Crow Lane

*   Dates of birth have been calculated from the census

                             Parents not known


            --------------------- I-------------------

            I                                                     I

Elizabeth                                               Eliza Ann

b *1841                                               b. *1851



                                                            b *1867



ELIZABETH Wolstenholme         

*1841 born in Ramsbottom    

1881      No. 32 Crow lane,  Head of household,  Unmarried No occupation

1891    No. 32.  Eliza Ann & Annie staying with her                       

1901,  No.2 (not 32) Crow lane, head of household, unmarried,

Boarding House Keeper, Worked at home

                        4 rooms occupied, 2 lodgers



*1851 Born in Ramsbottom

1881  lving at No.32 Crow lane, sister of Elizabeth, unmarried, Cotton weaver



*1867 born in Ramsbottom

1881  living at No.32 Crow lane, niece of Elizabeth, Cloth Looker



          28 CROW LANE,  RAMSBOTTOM    -  1891

 (no connection has been found with Robert Wolstenholme of 27 Crow Lane


1891 census  - Ellen Wolstenholme, age 21 

born approx 1870, Bacup

adopted by Samuel and Mary Horrocks

living with them at 28 Crow Lane


She does not appear on the 1901 census



In 1881 Ellen Wolstenholme (age 12) scholar born Bacup Lancs

She was living at  13 Silver St. Ramsbottom with Jane Wright, who was married, She was 52 yrs, a Dressmaker and was born in born Rowlands, lancs