Conservation Working Group



Bringing history to the public


Blue Plaques  

Plaque to Peter McDouall, a chartist.

Outside Roger Greenlees Jewellers


Plaque to the Grant family, millowners

Outside the Grant Arms Hotel


Interpretation Boards (currently being planned)

            New Jerusalem Church

            Nuttall Hall


Enhancing the environment 

Bridge St

Central St outside the Medical Centre

Graham Twidale painting the sovereigns crest on post boxes


Protecting buildings

            We consider Planning Applications which affect historic buildings

We spoke against plans to demolish Irwell Bridge Mill at the public inquiry in Jan 2006 and objected to a later application to make it into a 5 storey building with the upper two floors

having a very modern design


Original windows during development from school to housing

The ‘new’ windows after development had very small panes unlike the originals in the school

After objections the windows were restored to be as like the originals as possible (but included double glazed units)

St Paul’s School, Crow Lane was developed into houses & apartments in 2006/7


Protecting the town environment

We object to many features which damage the town environment and we also the impact of large developments such as Tagg Wood on traffic density 

In Ramsbottom Conservation Area double yellow lines should be 50mm wide and primrose in colour. The only correct lines being at the bottom of Bridge St

Sett roadways are rough and are often in-filled with tarmac




Researching history

        We research many of the historical buildings which do or have existed in Ramsbottom

Oddfellows Hall, Bridge St

Nuttall hall

New Jerusalem Church

Nuttall Farm

Uncovering the past - Archaeological Dig at Kibboth crew


        Click here for a full account




What else do you think we should be doing?

If you would like to comment on the projects we undertake or would like to know more about the group please contact the society