Ramsbottom Heritage Day 2006

This was held on Sunday 5th March 2006 at Ramsbottom Civic Hall, and had 3 main objectives

1)    To celebrate 200 years of the arrival of the Grant brothers to Ramsbottom

2)    To promote the Ramsbottom Video which the Heritage Society has produced

3)    To promote the work of the Ramsbottom Heritage Society


Objective 1 was achieved by Andrew Todd giving a talk about how the Grants came to settle in Ramsbottom 

There was also a 10 minute documentary about the making of the Ramsbottom Video

The work of the Heritage Society was displayed and also the scanning project was started, the results of which can be seen on the Photographic Competition pages.

There were also walks around Ramsbottom, led by Andrew Todd, John B Taylor and Pamela Parkinson, pointing out areas of the town that were built or influenced by the Grants.

Lee Mannering, the producer of the Ramsbottom Video kindly donated photographs, which are a review of the day. Some of the photographs are shown below. Double click each photo to see an enlarged image


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more pictures