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Ramsbottom mill was situated at the north end of Crow Lane and Garden St.  The factory yard with a few of it's buildings are still there today

The lodge (or mill pond) for the new mill blocked off  Crow Lane which used to go straight on to Stubbins Bridge across the River Irwell. After this Crow Lane terminated at the mill, where it does today.

The Ashton's built Ramsbottom Mill (both spinning and weaving) in 1802

By 1833 Ramsbottom Mill was the biggest mill in the Irwell Valley with 3 enormous water wheels and 3 powerful steam engines.

The Ashton family also built many of the houses in Crow lane and surrounding roads.

The fortunes of the mill foundered and in 1867 both it and many of the houses were sold.

The apprentice house for the mill was probably 40-44 Crow Lane Click here for information about these houses