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RHSFull list of RHS photos
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Bury ArchivesPhotographs held at Bury Archive
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Photographic CompetitionPictures taken each year for the annual Ramsbottom Heritage Society Photographic Competition. The competition is no longer running, but photos are welcome to maintain an annual record of Ramsbottom
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Special CollectionsRamsbottom Buses, Cottage Hospital Demolition, War Weapons Week 1941, War Memorial in St Paul's Gardens
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Photo Day 22nd February 2022To celebrate 35 years of the formation of the Ramsbottom Heritage Society, photos were taken to represent Ramsbottom Life
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MagazinesPhotos and drawings, maps e.t.c. that have appeared in the News Magazines. Format is MAG-nn-Ppp-0z, where nn is the Magazine number, Ppp is the page number and 0z is the photo on the page
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National Archives Field Books A digital version of 45 field books detailing houses in Ramsbottom in 1910

The survey took place as a result of the 1909-1910 Finance Act which provided for the levy and collection of a duty on land in the United Kingdom based on any increased value of the land as a result of public money spent on communal infrastructure – a so-called ‘increment value duty’.

The entries have the house name, the occupier and owner, the rateable value, and rent paid. In some cases there are drawings of the property and descriptions of the property
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KBELL-000-014a.jpgNuttall Hall, close up of front door rhsadmin
HPC-19BU-018.JPGHouses on Square Street Ian Chapman
HPC-19BU-116.JPGGrants Tower in the Process of being renovated Ian Chapman
HPC-19EV-154.jpg Brooks Bottom Wicket Keeper ? Taken at the club in August.Ian Williams
MR-000-026.jpgMen with (cotton) spinning machinery. Note the men have bare feet as was common in the spinning shed. On the reverse of this p/c Wishing you a merry Christmas from Edwin. To Aunt Lizzie rhsadmin
HPD-220225-11007.jpgNew Ramsbottom Dental Care on Square Street John Leyland

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MAG-066-P22-01.jpgLetter from America from Rachel Nuttall - RamsbottomMar 31, 2024
MAG-066-P21-02.jpgLetter from America from Rachel Nuttall - RamsbottomMar 31, 2024
MAG-066-P21-01.jpgLetter from America from Rachel Nuttall - RamsbottomMar 31, 2024
MAG-066-P20-01.jpgBattersby & Co Ltd, Stockport. Front view of factory August 1907 which had the clock that possibly used to be in the Grant ArmsMar 31, 2024
MAG-066-P17-02.jpgClock that possibly used to be in the Grant's armsMar 31, 2024
MAG-066-P17-01.jpgClock that possibly used to be in the Grant's armsMar 31, 2024