Census Returns  1851 - 1901

A Census is taken every ten years, although the details of the members of every household cannot be viewed for 100 years, hence the latest census shown here is 1901. Each census return gives the name of every person, age, occupation and place of birth.

See below for  the following information

a) Chart showing the heads of household in censuses 1851 - 1901

 b) All the census returns for each individual house

c) Database of all the census information for 1851 - 1891

c) Information for each separate census year

The Crow Lane Project team have copied the details of the occupants of the houses on Crow Lane from the censuses from 1851 to 1901.

 As the information has been transcribed from microfiche and then copied into computer format, every entry has been double checked. However it is possible that errors may have occurred in the initial transcription or the subsequent re-processing. It is therefore always recommended that the viewer access the original entries, which can be viewed at Ramsbottom Library.


a) Chart showing the heads of household in censuses 1851 - 1901

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This is a word document and can be printed in landscape format


 b) All the census returns for each individual house

These are presented as a web page or a Word Document which is formatted to print the report in landscape mode

Please note that Joseph Heap, of 11 Crow Lane lived at Crow trees in 1851 and the Farmhouse in 1861, these may both have been the house which was later numbered 11. It would not have been Crowtrees Farm as this must have been demolished before 1850 when the church was built. The details for Crow Trees and the Farmhouse can be found on the Word Doc. and on the census for the years 1851 and 1861 

House Number Web Page Word Doc. House No Web Page Word Doc.
      9 Vicarage  click here click here
2  click here click here 11(farmhouse)  click here click here
4  click here click here 15  click here click here
6  click here click here 17/19  click here click here
8  click here click here 21  click here click here
10  click here click here 23  click here click here
12  click here click here 25  click here click here
14  click here click here 27  click here click here
16  click here click here 29  click here click here
18 click here click here 29 or 31  click here click here
20  click here click here 33  click here click here
22  click here click here 35  click here click here
24  click here click here 37  click here click here
26  click here click here 39  click here click here
28  click here click here 41  click here click here
30  click here click here 43/45  click here click here
32  click here click here      
34  click here click here      
36  click here click here      
38  click here click here      
40  click here click here      
42  click here click here      
44  click here click here      



c) Database of all the census information for 1851 - 1891

The data has  then been collated into a Microsoft Access Database, so that reports of the occupants of individual houses can be displayed and printed.The data is thus available in a number of different formats. Some of the formats are quite large and make take several minutes to download.

All the following documents are available as a single package  in Zipped Format - requires WinZip or a similar Zip Manager to extract the documents. The advantage of  zipped format is that all the documents are compressed so that down load times are less. All the documents can then be saved on the hard drive, using right click and Save Target as...   so that they can be viewed offline. The size of the zipped file is about 600Kb, when the size of the individual documents is 10 times.  To download winzip access www.winzip.com

Zipped File                                                    Click Here        594Kb

Full database in Microsoft Access format        Click Here        900Kb

Full database in Microsoft Excel format           Click Here        166Kb

Full database in Microsoft Word format            Click Here        280Kb



c) Information for each separate census year in Microsoft Word format

Year Size in Kb ( bigger take longer to download)
1851 46 Kb
1861 48 Kb
1871 172 Kb
1881 358 Kb
1891 275 Kb
1901 267 Kb